Collaboration with other universities

The Advanced Institute of Music Language and Culture has been working for several years with other university and institutions.

Among the highlights, we mention the following:


National University of Mongolia (2004)

The conferences on the Co.Mu.Ph.An system in Musico-multi-linguistic science in Ulaanbaatar in 2004 at the College of Culture, at the Conservatory and at the University of Art and Culture and the Mongolian National University had a large media coverage. All  Mongolian televisions have followed them, allowing to create contacts and produce fruitful cooperation. Prof. Robert Hisland was personally received by President of the Republic who was very interested in the development of Music-Multi-Linguistics in Asia.




First Master of  Musico-multilinguistic Science: Mr Orlando LIZALDES ESPINOSA,  specialized teacher in linguistics, currently teaching at the Universidad Nacional and Universidad Technica Particular in Loja, Ecuador, with which we are associated since 2010 with the aim of interinstitutional cooperation. Read an article in the monthly “UTPL Informativo”.