Comuphan System

CO.MU.PH.AN System
(Intellectual Property No. 472 258)

The system is a psycho Co.Mu.Ph.An system based on the following components:

Co = Communication

Language is one of the fundamental characteristics that allow the human being to develop effectively and interact with the environment in an optimal way. Having a more developed prefrontal cortex, it resulted in a system of morphological, syntactic and semantic signs, to convey his thoughts, his ideas, his needs.

Mu = Music + Music-multilinguistics

Perceptual and emotional support which constitutes a set of sounds with dynamic posessing unique dynamic and psychoacoustic characteristics which can be translated into feelings and language. Supporting any form of audio-visual expression, it isassociated to the implicit-subconscious memories serving as a support during analog learning.

Hiéroglyphes relevés sur les tombeaux égyptiens (Nécropoles de Thèbes, XVIIIème dynastie, XVème siècle avant JC)
Hiéroglyphes relevés sur les tombeaux égyptiens
(Nécropoles de Thèbes, XVIIIème dynastie, XVème siècle avant JC)

Hieroglyphics on Egyptian tombs
(Necropolis of Thèbes, XVIIIrd dynasty, XVth century BC)

Ph = Phonetics

Syllabic units constituting the words of language are used to learn how to rebuild the architecture of sounds in the study of foreign language. Phonetic repetition accelerates learning and perfection of the pronunciation of words. From the syllabic phoneme, we prepare “the psycholinguistic apparatus” to engage in the organization of sentences and morphological-syntactic units.

An = Perceptual, psychological and semantic analysis

Morphemes are treated separately through a perceptive and semantic analysis. The Sensory-musical analysis conveys acquisition and consolidation of new languages ​​assimilation process, through understanding of emotional and rational sense of phonemes which constitute a melodic phrase.

How to use the image and sound without suffer them in education, in order to meet the irrevocable changes in the lifestyle of the musical and multi-linguistic communication and broadcasting? Through Co.Mu.Ph.An. the progress is effective for optimizing technologies that facilitate learning with singular perfection.
Musical sound creates a psycho-emotional context that enhances and facilitates the deeper memorization of a linguistic sentence opening a new way for the reception of more direct and faster psychosensoriels channels throughmelody and rhythm for  instantaneous and automatic mental recording.