The European and Advanced Institute of Music Languages ​​and Culture has always been involved in humanitarian causes, especially among the poorest of the poor. Here are some of our achievements:

Pharmaceuticals and school backpacks for native peoples of the Andes

(« Cotopaxi » villages in Ecuador)

In 2006, Mr. Robert Hisland (Director of ISM) accompanied by 4 other people including Mr. Hidalgo (former student of ISM) went to natives of Cotopaxi in Ecuador with suitcases full of pharmaceuticals. These had previously been collected in Switzerland among the locals.medicamentsUpon arrival, they realized with sadness the state of poverty and misery in which these natives lived, a people who yet hold their hands over their hearts. They also saw that the children had no backpacks to carry their school books and notebooks. RHH_cotopaxi1The natives of the Cotopaxi villages welcomed them with joy and gratitude and spontaneously organized a party in their honor. Before leaving, Mr. Hisland organized and financed the production of 375 backpacks for school children in order to facilitate their schooling and succeed in their academic learning.

“Bika” two and a half years old saved through the financing of surgery.


Bishrelt Munkhbayar (“Bika”), a two and half y.o. boy living in Mongolia, suffered from a severe malformation of the spine and would have been fatal in the coming months. Mr. Hisland having been made aware of the situation, decided that the ISM would do his best to help this young boy condemned by his illness. Therefore, a synergy has been established to find the necessary funds to enable the arrival in Switzerland of little Bika and his mom and realize this medical surgery. pr.kaelin With the help of many people, especially the help of the Children’s Hospital of Geneva (Switzerland), Professor André Kaelin (surgeon) and the “Roch” Foundation who will provide the financing, the intervention have been possible, thus saving the life of the little Bishrelt Munkhbayar and allowing him to have a normal life in the future. In 2012, prof. Kaelin received a medal award given by Mr Hisland on behalf of World Mongolians Europe the organization. .

The National Orchestra of Mongolia “Morin Khur”, living cultural heritage, presented in Geneva and at the United Nations by the ISM

In 2008, Mr. Hisland learned that the “Morin Khur” National Orchestra Mongolia was in Vienna where he had been invited to give a concert. They were then about to return to Mongolia, leaving the rest of the world ingnorant of this unique culture (indeed, they play on totally original and unknown instruments, such as the “Morin Khur” stringed instrument masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity identified by UNESCO).morin-khur

Feeling that there was something to do for this heritage of rare and unique culture, virtually unknown in the world, Mr. Hisland decided to invite this exceptional orchestr to Geneva with the help of the ISM and Switzerland-Mongolian Society.

As a result, two exceptional concerts where organised:

  • A free concert in the Great Hall of the United Nations, offered by the ISM.
  • A paying concert (low prices) at the Paladium (professional DVD of this concert for sale for CHF 35.-.)

The two concerts had a tremendous success (sellouts, great enthusiastic audience). The ISM is very pleased to have been able to support this minority musical culture.

Foundation "Switzerlans-Mongolia" and "Switzerland-Ecuador" Associations

These associations charities aim to combat poverty in Equatuer and Mongolia. They seek to realize humanitarian projects with the minimum of means available, convinced that even with scarce resources, it is still possible to help the needy.

Meeting with the Dalai Lama


Painting by Batch Luvsanchultem from a photograph (2011)

Sangha on Salève, France (12 August 2011)

On this picture painted from a photograph, the Dalai Lama greets symbolically "young" Mongolia through the son of Ambassador that Mr. Hisland introduced to him.

A mongolian racehorse offered to Mr. Hisland

horse_certificate Mr. Nyamsuren-n Nasanjargal offered racehorse "Khurdan Khuren" to Mr. Hisland to honor him and in acknowledgment for the humanitarian services rendered by the ISM and the Swiss-Mongolian association. This ownership is rather "theoretical" because the horse "Khurdan Khuren" lives in Mongiolie where he shares his time between races and life in freedom in the grasslands of Mongolia. This exceptional horse has already won several victories and awards, and is usually placed in the five head horses of the 200 participants. During the races, the horses are mounted "bareback" by young boys (ie without a saddle) and over a distance of 45 km (28 miles).